The co-operative movement was formed in order to find a bottom up, autonomous methodology for achieving distributive justice in the economy and democratic rights in the polity. In Co-operative philosophy self-help is not the same as helping oneself, but is about helping each other to achieve a fair reward for ones labour, a fair return for one’s wage, a fair price for ones produce, and   fair access to the world’s resources. It has captured the imagination of many ordinary people and also some extraordinary ones too: Robert Owen, F.W. Raiffeisen, Vansittart Neal, J.T.W. Mitchell, Thomas Blandford, E.A. Filene, Father Arizmendiarrieta , Ernest Bader, and Andrew So to name but a few.

The co-operative ownership and governance model ensures democratic accountability and popular ownership available to ordinary people not concentrated in the hands of the wealthy few. Its model of wealth distribution is based on economic participation not capital ownership.

The New Harmony Press will do all it can to promote the cause of both economic and political Justice and to disseminate research that focuses on these problems and their solution. We believe that just government with the welfare of their people as their priority will only occur in nations were there are strong civil societies based on autonomous associations of people whether in co-operatives, NGOs, or craft or other trades unions. Labour supply co-operatives could be another name for trade unions who like co-operatives of farmers or workers are democratic membership based associations whose objective is economic and political justice for their members and the achievement of a fair price for their commodity – whether that commodity be coffee or fish or services, or labour power.

We commend the following websites as useful sources of information covering human rights and co-operative and credit union initiatives for distributive justice. This does not imply however that we as a co-operative organisation collectively or as individuals necessarily endorse all the policies and activities of these organisations and publications but we do see ourselves as sympathetic to their principle objectives.

For Co-operatives see ICA www.ica.coop/

For Credit Unions see WCCU www.woccu.org/   or in the Asia Pacific Region AACCU www.aaccu.asia/about_us1.php

For Trades Unions see http://www.ituc-csi.org/about-us.html

For Human Rights see;

Amnesty International   http://www.amnesty.org

Freedom from Torture   http://www.freedomfromtorture.org

Free Tibet Campaign       http://www.freetibet.org


For Global Economic and Political Justice  see;

World Development Movement www.wdm.org.uk/

New Internationalist http://www.newint.org/

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Dr Davis has offers training and co-operative value based management consultancy to a wide range of organisations in the following areas, Strategic Management, Policy Development, Implementation of Change, HRM and ER and IR Policy, Leadership and Followership Development, Learning Needs and Management Short Course Development and Delivery. Among his clients have been: Grand Metropolitan, (Industrial Relations and Staff Consultation)IBM UK (Environmental Standards in Transport and Logistics); The UK National Audit Office, (Audit of Organisational Effectiveness of Independent Academies) Diamond Trading Company, De Beers (Training materials to support their African Beneficiation Programme) Federation of Wholefood Co-operatives UK and another in North America (Strategic Management and Strategic Marketing and Organisational Development –UK Industrial Relations – USA); The Negev Institute for Strategies for Peace and Development, Israel (Short Course Development and Delivery in a) Co-operative Value Based Management and b) Change Management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership in the Era of Globalisation)ICA, ACCU and WCCU (Leadership and CEO Workshops)

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