What we offer?

Our in-house short course programme offers a wide range of options.

All our options are automatically updated and delivered following clear prior briefings as to the co-operatives specific needs and context.

Our Training and Development Methodology and Philosophy

Delivery is action centred and student centred learning facilitated by one, or occasionally two, experienced consultants.

Presentations will be regularly punctuated by group and /or individual activities. These activities will typically involve question and answer and discussion sessions, management games , role play exercises, case study exercises, group projects and presentations and post-activity facilitator feedback.

Pre course work will be available on a virtual learning platform prior to the commencement of the course and and  all course members must complete this work successfully before commencing the package. This is to ensure a common knowledge base for all course members prior to the commencement of the programme.

At the end of the programme individual development tasks will be set as summative assessment of the achievement of learning outcomes and their implementation in the co-operative. All our certificates are only issued after we recieve a confirmation from the co-operative of succeful completion and a written report has been submited and approved by our examiners and Board of Studies.

A further post-programme review and revision session of one day duration will be provided if requested and we would normally recommend this at about a three month gap from the original package.

Package one: The foundations for Organizational Development (4)

1. Co-operative Value Based Management. A philosophy and a tool (one day)

2.The global context and environmental analysis (one day)

3. Managing Co-operative Identity and Culture for Competitive Advantage (two day)

Package two: The foundations for Organizational Development (3)

1. Strategic Management for Co-operatives (one day)

2. Co-operative Leadership and Followership (one day)

3. Innovation and Entreprenuership (one day)

Package three: Driving Change (4)

1. Strategic Marketing in the Co-operative Context (one day)

2. Developing a Co-operative Market Research programme: A skills based inter-departmental approach (2 days)

3. International Marketing for Co-operatives (additional one day option)

Package four: Driving Change (3)

1. Acquiring, developing and motivating peoples human capital: a co-operative social multi-stakeholder approach (two days)

3. Member engagement and Co-operative Social Capital Managament
(one day)

Package Five: Monitoring standards and Control (3)

1.Management Information Systems and Decision-Making in the Co-operative Context (one day)

2. Management Accounting and Budgeting for Co-operatives (two days)

Package Six: Monitoring standards and Control (3)

1. Operations Management and Quality Assurance ( one day)

2. Upstream value chain for Co-operatives : Procurement, Transport and Storage Management and Supply Chain Management (one day)

3. Co-operative down stream value chain management: Customer and member relationship management in the TQM context (one day)

Package Seven. Training Trainers and Appraisers (5)

Identifying Training Needs and Designing Group and Individual Personal Development Programmes
(two days)

Presenting and Facilitating Skills (one day)

Class Based Case Studies and Role Play Exercises (one day)

Running Management Games (one day)

We recommend that at least three months should elapse to provide the co-operative time to digest and implement learning outcomes for the programmes before embarking on another programme.

We also recommend that a day be added at the commencement of any subsequent programme for the co-operative to discuss progress made and any problems or barriers encountered in the implementation of the learning outcomes and to receive feedback from the consultant.

One or two of the programmes will require more than one consultant to complete then. There is nor extra charge for the additional consultant but his or her expenses would have to be covered by the Co-operative

Our charges

The programmes are all offered at a standard price £1800.00p for a core three day programme which can be added to and can be developed to one week programmes to support additional developmental needs concerning the topics application in any given co-operative.

The Training Trainers and Appraisers programme is the only exception being a five day programme charged at £3,000

All additional days are charged at £600.00p per days training. Normally development is free but if the nature of the development does necessitate additional costs these will be negotiated directly in advance

In addition the co-operative must meet the travel expenses (usually economy class flights, airport taxi and hotel room and board plus the consultants travel insurance)