Suleman Adam Chambo

Economist, Environmentalist, Educationalist and Trainer

Consultancy Services

Teaching Economics, Project Planning, Co-operative Management, Economic Policy and Planning, Co-operative Policy Analysis and Research Methods to Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree students. Institutions I have worked with in these  areas include of the Moshi University College of Co-operative and Business Studies and Cork University in Ireland, ICA Africa and ILO Africa.

I provide institutional leadership and policy development and implementation  in a higher level academic institution at the Moshi University College of Co-operative and Business Studies as principal of the college where I took responsibility of leading the organizational transformation from an ordinary Diploma  level granting college to a university college . (1991-2010) I have been chairperson with leadership responsibilities within a wide range of  community and professional  organizations as follows :

a)      Bridge Education Trust (2008-2012)
b)      Chairperson of ILO CoopAfricaProgramme (2006-2012)
c)      Chairperson ofMawenziSecondary School(1999-2012)
d)     Chairperson  Board of Trustees of the Traditional Irrigation and Environmental
Development Organization (2002-2012)
e)      Chairperson of Handeni –Kilindi Development Association of Kilimanjaro (2008-2012)

Some of the consulting and research assignments I carried out include :

ii) Facilitating Consultant on the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) Four year Strategic Plan  (2008)
iii) Consultant on major policy and legislation research supporting a new Co-operative Act 1991 inTanzania(1990)
iv) Facilitating Consultant to ICA Ministerial Conference on the establishment of  regional Endowment Fund (2009)
v) Team leader for a major Regional Research Project on the Contribution of Co-operatives to poverty Alleviation in Six African countries includingBotswana,Ethiopia,Kenya,Malawi,TanzaniaandSwaziland(2007)
vi) Lead consultant on Strategic Planning for the Ministry of Water and Fisheries of the Government of Namibia (2010)
vii) Consultant for the transformation of theUgandaco-operative  movement in the context of liberalized and competitive markets (2011)
viii) Lead consulting facilitator to the ICA Regional Members Forum (2009)
ix) Team Leader to the Co-operative Development and Registration Project for the promotion of  marketing primary co-operative societies in Malawi(2010-2011)

I have developed and delivered Training of Trainers Programmes

I am a trainer cum process facilitator. I am particularly versed with techniques of Training of Trainers who work with small farmer groups within and outside the country. The topics I covere  include:

i) Marketing and market linkages and Co-operative Registration procedures for Co-operative Assistants (Malawi209-2011) for Co-operative Managers (Uganda1996)
ii) Group Promotion, Project Management and Governance (Peoples’ Participation ProjectTanzania(1985-1999)
iii) Market Linkage and Marketing Information Systems
vi) Training Small farmer groups in computer aided information  management systems , Importance of marketing and market information, Market access  in profitable markets through  computer aided database systems, Commodity Markets and Information Technology (1989- 1995)
v)Training of Fishermen groups on marketing , credit management and Business planning for profitable marketing (1985-1990)
vi) I identified the need for institutionalized financial services intervention in rural areas  provide training of  training of trainers, field experience development and manual writing. My work between 2003-2007 resulted in the provision of the Professional Financial Co-operative Management Program conducted using open learning methods in Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. (2007-2012)
vii) I design integrated evaluation and formative organizational development training programmes for managers and leaders of rural savings and credit co-operatives in Kilimanjaro region (2011)
viii) I design member empowerment programmes for Co-operatives.

Contact me at; Moshi University College of Co-operative  and Business Studies, (Affiliated to the Sokoine University of Agriculture), PO Box 474, Sokoine Road, Moshi, Tanzania