Sanjay Kumar Verma

Sanjay has many years service with National Cooperative Union of India (NCUI]as Nodal Officer, Coop Connect in a primarily communications portfolio and have been interacting with the various partners/stakeholders/organisations from all over the country. Since August 1995 have  been working in National Cooperative Union of India which represents the Indian Cooperative Movement. Was also associated with editing of NCUI journals.

  • Besides National Cooperative Union of India I worked with International Cooperative Alliance Regional Office for Asia-Pacific [ICA-AP] as Research Officer on part-time basis since March,2011 till August,2012. The work here primarily related to international cooperative communications supporting research initiatives.
  • Have around 16 years of experience in cooperative communications with specialisation in communications, media, international relations, building up networks and alliances for popularizing cooperative education in the schools..


  Recent Accomplishments;

  • For the first time, initiated the process of launching Coop Connect, an academic Forum at NCUI for advocacy and outreach. The Forum has played a catalyst role in popularizing the cooperative concept in the schools.  Have developed expertise in assessing a school’s need to diversify in the cooperative sector. Organised an important workshop on Popularising Cooperative Model amongst the Navodaya schools[March,2012].
  • Conceptualised as well as organized advocacy meetings/workshops under Coop Connect in areas like youth involvement, media strategy, popularizing cooperative concept in schools, climate-change, brand-building, etc. This has increased the visibility of NCUI in the academic world. .
  • Based on Coop Connect meetings’ recommendations, initiated efforts at NCUl level which led to signing of MOUs with One World Foundation(Community Media],Learning Links Foundation[Cooperative Education Project for schools],and IL&FS Cluster Development Initiative Ltd(Skill Generation for youth]. Organised  a cooperative training workshop for the school teachers of public schools/officials of the cooperative sector on ways to popularize coop concept in schools in collaboration with Learning Links Foundation[April,2011].
  • Initiated to Formulate NCUI Communications Strategy for Popularising Cooperative Concept in Schools of Delhi/NCR through organizing Inter-School Quiz Competition on Cooperatives, and Inter-School-Debating Competition on Cooperatives, the cooperative awareness events which are becoming popular every year. In order to communicate cooperative concept in schools, initiated to formulate Coop Connect Sensitisation Programme on Cooperatives for the schools of Delhi/NCR for effective cooperative outreach in schools. .
  • Conceptualised and organized two communications workshops at NCUI on ‘Strengthening Links between Media and Cooperatives’, and ‘Public Relations; Vital for Success of Cooperatives. ‘ Also as Academic Coordinator took initiative in writing and editing papers for the first PR Report on Indian Cooperatives which was presented during the International PR conference organized by Global Alliance and Public Relations Society of India in Delhi.
  • At International Cooperative Alliance Regional Office for Asia-Pacific, initiated efforts to come up with a communications project on compiling Best Practices on Cooperatives from Asia-Pacific Region, the first of its type on the occasion of International Year of Cooperatives in 2012.
  • At ICA-AP undertook a self-directed Study in the areas for improvement in the various functional Committees of ICA-AP so as to strengthen international cooperative communications. The study will form the basis for a change in strategic positioning of ICA-AP.
  • Understanding the need to strengthen cooperative communications in unexplored areas, took initiatives to come up with specialized papers on cooperative communications, and cooperative tourism. My initiative in venturing in the field of cooperative tourism through my writings helped me to get invitation as Resource Person during TICA meeting at ICA-AP Regional Assembly[2006]  and a State Level Conference on Cooperative Tourism organized for the first time by Rajasthan Government.

International and National Conferences[Presentations]

  • Invited as a Resource Person to Present a Paper on ‘Peace Education for Schools; A Cooperative Model’ at ICA-AP Research Committee Seminar held in Bhubaneshwar from 23- 24th July,2011.
  • Presented A Paper on ‘Social Media Strategy of Cooperatives; Role of Blogs’ at ICA-AP International Conference held in Beijing on 27th September,2011.
  • Invited as a Resource Person for presenting a paper on ‘Health Cooperatives in India’ at a conference organized by SAATH, a Health NGO in Mumbai on 28th September,2009.
  • Invited as A Resource Person for the Trent University Building Solidarity Conference at Peterborough (Canada) on 10th February , 2008, and spoke on ‘Community-based Social Change in India Through Cooperatives’.
  • Invited as A Resource Person to speak on Cooperative Tourism for A State Level Conference on Cooperative Tourism organized at Jaipur, 2007. My presentation communicated the significance of cooperative tourism in Rajasthan where tourism sector is strong .
  • Presented a Paper on Community Media during the 1st CIRIEC International Research Conference on Social Economy in collaboration with ICA at Victoria (Canada) from 22-25th October,2007.
  • Presented a Paper advocating strength of Indian cooperatives in community media in the wake of disaster management for Asia-Pacific Cooperative Research Conference at Colombo, 15th August, 2006.
  • Also Presented a Paper on Cooperative Tourism for Asian Region at the ICA Regional Assembly Meet, Colombo, 14th August, 2006.
  • As a Panel Speaker, represented NCUI during IIPT -WTO Global Conference on Tourism in Pattaya {Thailand] in October, 2005. My research-based Paper “Promoting Peace Through Tourism-Role of Cooperatives” advocated entry of cooperatives in the field of tourism through relevant communications strategies.
  • Represented NCUI by presenting a paper on “Role of Media in strengthening professionalisation of cooperative management in Asia-Pacific Region” at Geneva- .based International Cooperative Alliance ( Regional Research Conference in Chiangmai, Thailand on 30th November,2004.


Publications/Blogs/Teaching experience

  •  Till date, around 80 publications including articles, research-based specialised papers, success stories, interviews, reports, profiles etc. published both in Indian (including National Newspapers like Times of India, Financial Express, Pioneer, Deccan Herald, etc.) and Foreign Cooperative publications. The major foreign publications carrying my articles are-International Journal of Cooperative Management, IRU Courier, New Sector, British Journal of Cooperative Studies, International Cooperative Alliance Research Journal ICA Review. Specialising in writing articles on Cooperative Communication [including media] Strategies, Cooperative Tourism and Popularising Cooperative Education in schools.
  • Have taught the officials of cooperative sector on various aspects of cooperative development/media regularly at National Centre for Cooperative Education, Delhi. Have also taken up classes on Reporting, Writing, Editing and Development Communications at Journalism/Communications Institutes of Delhi.


Academic/Professional Qualifications :

M.Phil                                     “Modernisation of People’s Liberation Army: Conceptual andInstitutional Variations” (Topic of Research Dissertation) –Chinese Division, East Asian Studies (School of International Studies) (Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi) High Second Class 56%

M.A. (History)                        Jawahar Lal Nehru University, Delhi 52%

B.A. (Hons in English)            Punjab University (D.A.V College, Chandigarh) 60%

Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi 56%