Dr Peter Davis, Chartered FCIPD, AFHEA

Dr Davis has offers training and co-operative value based management consultancy to a wide range of organisations in the following areas, Strategic Management, Policy Development, Implementation of Change, HRM and ER and IR Policy, Leadership and Followership Development, Learning Needs and Management Short Course Development and Delivery. Among his clients have been: Grand Metropolitan, (Industrial Relations and Staff Consultation)IBM UK (Environmental Standards in Transport and Logistics); The UK National Audit Office, (Audit of Organisational Effectiveness of Independent Academies) Diamond Trading Company, De Beers (Training materials to support their African Beneficiation Programme) Federation of Wholefood Co-operatives UK and another in North America (Strategic Management and Strategic Marketing and Organisational Development –UK Industrial Relations – USA); The Negev Institute for Strategies for Peace and Development, Israel (Short Course Development and Delivery in a) Co-operative Value Based Management and b) Change Management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership in the Era of Globalisation)ICA, ACCU and WCCU (Leadership and CEO Workshops)


A former Lecturer in Management, School of Management, University of Leicester. Currently Hon Fellow and Director of one of the Management Schools four research units; the Unit for Membership Based Organisations, and, Editor, International Journal of Co-operative Management (Listed as a commendable journal in Cabell Management Directory. Cabell Publishing Inc. USA)

During the last 12 years Dr Davis has conducted research that has led to the publication of four books, seven chapters in six other books, and nine refereed journal papers. He has made presentations as either keynote or plenary speaker or chair at ten international conferences. His teaching includes a number of successful co-operative PGC, Masters and PhD programmes as well as contributing to the School of Management MBA and MSc Management programmes. His work in developing critiquing and applying HRM and Learning Organisation Theories in the Co-operative Context was published by the ILO Co-operative Branch in 2004 and led to him being awarded Chartered Fellow status by the UK Charted Institute of Personnel Development in the UK.

Dr Davis has pioneered the idea of “Co-operative” Management as a distinctive approach and philosophy of management both as an area of academic investigation and as a focus for the development of teaching and learning strategies at the international level. He has developed Distance Learning Modules and management short course programmes for co-operative managers, academics and trainers with Department for International Development (DfID) funding.

In the last eight years he has received significant international recognition for his research and teaching work in the field of co-operative management. Dr Daviswas one of only two academics in the world to be appointed in 2001 as a special advisor to the International Co-operative Alliance Global HRD Committee. In 2002 he was made a Rabobank Fellow in Co-operative Agri-business and sponsored by the Bank to conduct a three day seminar organised by MonashUniversity for C.E.O.s of Co-operative Agri-businesses based in Australia and New Zealand. In 2003 he was appointed as one of a panel of sixteen special advisers to the United Nations and along with Dr Gary Cronan from Australia was responsible for drafting the Secretary General’s annual address to the UN for that part of his speech dealing with a sustainable environment for co-operative development (delivered January, 2004).

Dr Davis is the founding editor of the International Journal of Co-operative Management ISSN 1741-4814 now in its process for a tenth issue with an advisory board including eight professors from as many countries (America, Australia, Tanzania, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Switzerland, and Spain). In 2006 Dr Davis was a visiting lecturer at the University of Sao Palo Braziland in 2007 at the Universiteit Nyenrode, Holland contributing to the Rabobank Executive MBA programme. In 2009 hewas invited by His Eminence Cardinal Martino President of the Roman Catholic Church Commission for Justice and Peace to participate in a seminar discussing the relationship between the University and the Social Doctrine of the Church at the Papal University in Rome.

Dr Davis has given presentations and conducted workshops for among others the World Council of Credit Unions, (twice) Asian Confederation of Credit Unions, (six) Canadian Co-operative Association, (twice) The Consumer Co-operative Institute of Japan and many African governmental and federal co-operative agencies from South Africa to Ethiopia and ICA regional conferences.

Recent Publications

Davis, (2008) “Robert Owens Abiding Legacy to Management” in New Views of Society. Robert Owen for the 21st century, Scottish Left Review Press, Edinburgh.

Davis, (2008) Values in Business. Does ownership make a significant difference, International Journal of Decision Ethics University of Oxford Centre for Values in Business and Education, Oxford.

Levi Y. and Davis P. (2008) Co-operatives as ‘enfantsterribles’ of economics. Some implications for the Social Economy, Journal of Social Economics 2, Elsevier B.V. Amsterdam.

Van der Horst D. and Davis P. (2009). Developing renewable energy: the potential role of cooperatives. In: Energy Policy: Economic Effects, Security Aspects and Environmental Issues. Nova Publishers, NY

Davis, P. and Neto, SigismundoBialoskorski (2010) Governança e Gestão de capital social emcooperativas: umaabordagembaseadaemvalores (Cooperatives social capital management and governance: a discussion f xc based in values) ESAC EconomiaSolidária e AçãoCooperativa, Vol. 5, nº 01, janeiro/junho 2010 ©2010 by Unisinos

Davis, P (2011) MengembangkanKeunggulanKoperasi(Managing the Co-operative Difference) 2nd Impression LSP2I &Inkopdit, |Indonesia.

Alexopoulos G. and Davis, P. (2012) Ch. 6 “Beyond the Shareholder to a New Model of CorproateOwnershuip: It’s Time for the Business Schools to Reform the Market Rather Than Just Reflect It” in The Marketization of Education.The Collapse of an Assumptive World, Ed. Samuel M. Natale and Anthony F. Libertella, Global Scholarly Publications, New York.

Davis P, (2012) “Co-operatives in the English Speaking World. An impressionistic review in the context of the global crisis from a Catholic perspective”, in OKONIMIA Journal of Ethics and Social SciencesAngelicum University, Rome, February pp 1-12.

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