About Us

Founded in 1998 The New Harmony Press is a company limited by guarantee and registered in the United Kingdom. Our Articles of Association and governance conform to the ICA Identity Statement. Our individual members cover all four regions of the ICA. The New Harmony Press is a co-operative of professionals who provide a wide range of services to the co-operative movement including business and organisational and management development consultancy, education and training, public relations, marketing and supply chain relationship management support, research and policy development, and dissemination through publications, conferences and seminars of the latest research and best practise.

We are committed to the promotion of the co-operative difference as an instrument for competitive advantage and the establishment of co-operative value-based management as the correct model for management and leadership in the co-operative context. Our collective mission is to prepare co-operatives to play the leading role in the transformation of the global economy – breaking the oligopolistic control of that economy by private share-based companies- to ensure fair access to the worlds’ resources, sustainable use of those resources and a fair distribution of the output of the productive application of those resources.

We are all committed to the idea that the development of human spirituality is the key to the growth of human solidarity which in turn is the key to the establishment of justice and peace. We do not see the need to belong to one particular faith or any faith as the being a requirement to support this agenda. The directors/members themselves come from a wide diversity of backgrounds, beliefs and traditions. What we all share however our common values that lie behind the New Harmony Press Ltd co-operatives by line and vision: Justice, Sustainability, Fraternity and Peace.

The New Harmony Press Mission

1. To encourage research and publication in the field of co-operative and related social economy management, leadership, organisation and association.

2. To publish books and to develop existing and new forms of publication and dissemination.

3. To publish a refereed academic journal that becomes recognised in the academy and the co-operative research and professional communities as a quality international management journal serving the needs of the co-operative movement.

4. To support its members in the development and delivery of consultancy and training and development services for the co-operative and social economy sectors.

5. To develop partnerships with organisations where synergies and shared values and missions make this a constructive and mutually supportive activity between genuine partners.

The New Harmony Press Core Activities

1. The publication of the International Journal of Co-operative Management

2. The development of book publication supporting the dissemination of research and the development of theory and best practise in the co-operative and wider social economy.

3. The delivery of Co-operative Value Based Management Short-course Training, e-learning and research and consultancy services.